Chemo number 4

The 4th chemotherapy session did not go well. The nurse had a lot of trouble finding a vein and the infusion took much longer than usual.
The after effects were no easier to put up with and when the PSA came in it was still 500. Chemotherapy is not working and so, I will not continue with it. Quality of life is more important than quantity. 2 weeks later, the side effects are mostly gone. We met with Dr Y and I advised him that I did not wish to continue with the chemo. I also advised him that we are returning to Australia and my oncologist Dr W, at the Mater Hospital. Dr Y was supportive and optimistic as usual. He agreed that future treatment options are limited and he offered to provide a full medical history with a CD of any medical imaging for Dr W.

My sister and her husband spent a few days visiting and asked if they could meet Dr Y. He was very gracious and answered my sister’s questions. They have generously offered to let us stay with them in their home, for which we are deeply grateful. We fly out in 6 weeks with a rest stop in Honolulu as I don’t think I could endure doing the trip in one go.

Besides, I have never been to Hawaii!!