Not a good experience

We have been back home in Australia for 5 days now. The planned pleasant and relaxing trip from Vancouver to Sydney via Honolulu turned out to be a disaster and a near tragedy. Think I am kidding?

The flight to Honolulu was good if a bit bumpy. S explained my situation to the cabin crew and they found 3 empty seats where I could lay down. Later in the flight the whole cabin crew came to my seat and gave me a card that they had all signed. I felt like a celebrity!

The plane was late arriving in Honolulu and as I left the plane I felt ok. Minutes later as I was being wheelchaired to the baggage carousel I began to feel severe abdominal pain and nausea.
We retrieved our bags eventually then our shuttle phoned to say he had to go, would be back in 30 minutes. Meanwhile I was feeling very ill and needed to lay down. The only place available was a stone slab seat. By this time I was sweating profusely and on the edge of passing out. S was distraught. The terminal was almost deserted and it was getting very late. Finally, the shuttle driver called. S had gone to find help. I begged a passing security guard to help me with the bags and at last got loaded into the shuttle bus.

Naturally we were the last ones to be dropped off. Thank God for Dennis at the hotel. He summed up the situation immediately and soon had us settled in our room. I just collapsed on the bed. I was beat. No sleep all night, abdominal pain kept me awake. My brain telling me I had another perforated bowel and peritonitis. Or diverticulitis. Or some infection. Here we were in the USA with no medical insurance. (No one would cover me).
If hospital was needed, it would be better if I died!
I felt like I was dying!

Next morning I got up to find my colostomy bag full of blood. The pain had eased by now. We decided I needed electrolytes, so S went shopping. It was all I could do to lie in bed. At least I had a nice view of the hotel next door! The bleeding stopped and I slept well the next night. With a lot of help and quite a bit of confusion, we finally boarded the plane for Sydney. Luckily I was feeling better and finally we were home.

It was meant to be an adventure but soon turned into an ordeal. Never again, we both said!

6 thoughts on “Not a good experience

  1. I hope things are better now. I have been in Honolulu airport for a stop over after hours and it was not a very welcoming place, even if you are well! Best wishes for a more relaxed time ahead. Cheers, Phil

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    1. Thanks Dookes, yes it was pretty scary for a while. I am feeling a lot better and we are slowly getting used to the time change. Weather is nice, around 23 degrees C. Best wishes back to you my friend. Les

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