After Chemotherapy…..?

Every treatment available for me has been tried and failed. Chemotherapy barely scratched the surface. The last session being the worst as the nurse fumbled for a vein and missed. This is what chemotherapy achieved….PSA doubled to 530. After 4 sessions PSA is now 466. 8 weeks of feeling like crap, loss of taste, hair loss, moon face due to steroids. My initial instinct to refuse chemo proved to be correct. I am still feeling weak and tired and I have a large red scaly area of skin where the last chemo chemicals leaked into my wrist.

However, I am beginning to feel better again and I am getting more active. My appetite is good and I am not losing weight. We have decided to return to Australia so that I can see my family and be with them for however much time I have left.

A week ago I was not sure that I would be able to endure the flight. I am hoping my fitness will continue to improve as we have much to do before we depart. We decided to have 2 nights rest in Honolulu before flying to Sydney. This will minimize jetlag and time spent sitting in a plane. We are very fortunate in that my sister and her husband are opening their home to us.

It seems that both myself and this blog are coming to an end before much longer. I can see that many people from all over the world have read parts of my blog, however few have commented or even “liked”. I am guessing that may be due to the blog format. I am happy to answer any questions my readers may have. You can email me my name is Les.

8 thoughts on “After Chemotherapy…..?

  1. Praying things improve for you! I’m so sorry you have had such a tough time. My sister just got diagnosed 2 weeks ago and starts chemotherapy in 2 days. I’m concerned for her. I’m trying to learn more about all of this!


    1. Hi, and thank you for your kind words. I am sorry that your sister has “joined the club”. Chemo didn’t work for me, but it has worked for others. There is always hope. Knowledge is power. I hope that your sister will respond well to treatment. She is fortunate to have your support. It means a lot. Best wishes, Les

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  2. What a poignant post, Les. Your honesty and grace about what’s ahead really touched me.

    Safe travels back to Australia and enjoy your brief stay in Hawaii (remember, “Mahalo” does not mean “trash”! 🙂 )


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    1. Mahalo my friend! We are in this battle together. I have lived a good life and cannot complain. I have time to prepare and tie up loose ends. Many do not get this chance. My hope for you is that they find the “magic bullet” soon as I am sure they will eventually.

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  3. I’ll be honest Les, sometimes I find reading your blog quite hard; your thoughts and feelings are so close to those my brother when he battled leukaemia. Equally a “like” doesn’t always seem the right option, however you eloquently explain your feelings so I guess I’m liking your writing not the often shitty hand that you have been dealt!
    I totally understand and respect your decision to kick chemo into touch, it’s quality of life that is important and if the treatment isn’t doing any good and just makes you feel like crap…well it’s a no brainier!
    Have a safe journey back to Australia and I’ll catch you soon my blog friend.
    Best wishes to you both,

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    1. Thank you Dookes. I deeply appreciate your support and the fact that you do not run and hide from “The Big C Word” as so many do. Cancer is a part of the natural world we live in, and death is part of the natural cycle too. I have survived 11 years from diagnosis and I will make the best of what remains.
      As I often say to S, worse things happen at sea!


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