A Very Sad Day

Today I received news that my dear friend Jim came to the end of his prostate cancer journey a week ago. I say dear friend even though I never met him or spoke to him. We communicated through our blog pages and occasionally by email. He was a source of so much comfort and inspiration to me. I can guess how much he was suffering in those last days, yet, just 6 days before he passed on he was offering me words of encouragement. Jim, aka “Yapcab” will be sadly missed by many people. He stayed strong and positive to the end. Cancer may have taken his life but it did not beat him. In many ways my journey has been similar to Jim’s. I only hope that when my time comes I can face it with the same courage as he did. To his wife, Lisa, I can only offer my heartfelt condolences. You too have suffered along with Jim. I believe he has gone to a better place and that his pain has ended. I hope that good memories sustain you in the days ahead.

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