Chemo continues

Chemo number 2 has been delivered and this time I feel so weak and lethargic, out of sorts. It is hard to get interested in anything for long and when I get up I feel wobbly and shaky. A couple of nights ago I got up to go to the bathroom and felt very faint. As I staggered back to bed I passed out, banging a rib on furniture as I fell. I have a sore rib as well as the chemo effects. And I took some skin off. My mouth is still very dry and I have bad breath due to the damage to my mucous membranes. However this will soon pass and I expect to feel better in a few days. Latest psa is 290, up by 48 from last time. This could be due to dying cancer cells giving off psa. Anyway I will hang onto that for now. I fancied Chinese today so Stefanie brought home some takeaway which I really enjoyed. So the plan for now is to continue the treatments and hope for a good result.

5 thoughts on “Chemo continues

  1. So sorry to hear about this setback. Remember you can stop you treatment at any time. I say that not to encourage you to quit, but to make sure it’s for you. When I went to stage 4, I decided to irradiate early. The nausea side effects were horrible due to overlap with the stomach and lower esophagus (which should never have taken place) I refused to take two sessions, I didn’t think my body could handle it. My point is you’re still in charge. No one knows you better than you. Best wishes, jim

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    1. Thanks Jim, it is good to hear from you. Yes, I take your point about quitting if things get too much. Right now I am recovering from the second bout and I believe that it is worthwhile continuing at this stage. Fortunately I don’t suffer from the nausea that some people do. The worst side effects are fatigue and the inside of my mouth. Half of my hair is gone. I may get the rest cut off. How are things with you my friend? Cheers, Les


      1. I’m doing better now that I know you aren’t paralyzed into just doing what the doctor says.

        On my end, it’s about the same – a relatively slow decline. My hallucinations/psychotic events are the most significant change. Now I can experience them fully awake, controlling my limbs, and hold conversations. Almost all take place in the morning and some are so real it takes a couple days for me to believe it was an episode. Most are simple story lines. Some are quite enjoyable. Sadly, there are occasionally episodes that frighten me. I worry how the mix might change over time. I believe I’m pretty much guaranteed they’re going to worsen unless the tumor causing this stops growing. Regardless, I’ll work through it with Lisa. Hope you recover quickly from your spill. Best wishes, Jim

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