PSA not to Zero!

It has been quite a trying week for both of us.
First was the news that my psa has risen from 35 to 63.4, not what we were hoping for...

We saw Dr T on Tuesday at BCCA. I was very tired following the MRI on Monday. I had to lie on the examination bed so I wouldn’t faint. Dr T said that the MRI looked ok but he doesn’t have the complete report yet. We discussed the rising psa and he said it looks like perhaps the radium is not working, however he would like me to continue with the radium treatment. We discussed my fatigue, apparently radium does not usually cause such fatigue. Next it was up to the lab for more blood tests and an ecg (electro cardio gram). It was good to get home. The radium infusion was to have been on Wednesay but Dr T has rescheduled it for Friday. Dr T called next morning and said my electrolytes were out of whack and I am dehydrated, which would contribute to me feeling dizzy and faint. I had the option to go in for an infusion or re-hydrate according to his recommendations. I was already taking electrolytes every second day. He suggested l take Hydrolyte daily and double my water intake. After drinking more water and increasing the electrolytes I did feel better on Wednesday and we managed to go out for lunch. I even had a short walk around the shops so it was a good day.

Today we saw Dr Y who was his usual cheery self. I said I was concerned about the rising psa. He said that “sometimes when cancer cells are dying they give off a lot of psa, text book.” Then he said, “don’t give up yet, I will tell you when to give up….never!”

Tomorrow is the third radium infusion….We wait and see how it goes. Must say I have been better since increasing fluids and electrolytes though. Meanwhile the remaining snow is slowly melting away.

6 thoughts on “PSA not to Zero!

  1. Sorry to be a bug dog, but I remember my oncologist telling me that one of the other effects is a reduction in bone pain. Have you experienced that?


    1. Thank you for your comments Jim. I am encouraged to hear what your oncologist said. The dehydration was a big problem, caught me unawares. I have been much better since increasing water intake and boosting electrolytes . I have not noticed a decrease in bone pain, however it seems to be about the same. I often need oxycodone for breakthrough pain. I use fentanyl patches and they work well. The latest tapestry is coming on. I will post a photo soon. How are you going my friend? I often think of you and I am sad that things are not going so well. Stefanie and I often pray for you and your carers.
      It is good to hear from you.


      1. Physically I am doing well. All symptoms except paralysis are under control and I have no pain bone or otherwise. The docs are quite confused. I’ve had stage iv cancer for ten years and no bone pain. It’s unheard of. I’m hoping it’s a sign I’ll live longer.

        On the emotional side it’s rough. Just this morning I had a dream where I was half awake. In the dream, like all my dreams, I had no paralysis and was galavanting around. I just prayed I would stay asleep and this would be my new reality. I feel totally trapped and I’m going crazy. We trying to figure out other solutions as I write this. I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s worse in the morning. By evening I usually have it under control


        1. So sorry to hear that you are having these troubles. It is good that you don’t have the bone pain. I can understand your frustration at feeling trapped and I guess you feel quite helpless. I do hope you find a way to gain some mobility and start enjoying life again. You truly are an inspiration to so many, myself included. Better days must lie ahead.

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  2. Oh I forgot to add. My oncologist said it’s perfectly normal, even expected, for PSA to go up with xiofigo treatment. Same reason. The dying cancer cells give off PSA. Hang in there. It’s working.

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re so tired. I had dizziness problems once due to dehydration. At least it was one problem that was easy to solve at home and at no cost! It’s great you’re getting around. Good for the soul. I’m very jealous. So the snow is clearing. Here in Florida we don’t even know what snow is. For us it’s hurricanes. Post a pic of your latest tapestry!

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