Radioactive again

My second Radium 223 infusion was just 5 days ago and right now I am feeling rather crappy, tired and nauseated. Is the cure worse than the disease? It isn’t even a cure, just buys a bit more time. Sometimes I have to wonder if it is worth the trouble. I had 5 medical appointments last week, I feel like a voodoo doll.

At the beginning Dr T, radiation oncologist said that R223 would probably not reduce psa but should prevent it from rising too much. The good news is that the psa has dropped dramatically from 46 to 35. Funnily enough I felt better when my psa was over 2000! Dr T also said it is normal to feel pain after the infusion. He was right about that. After the first infusion I had a small slip as I began to get out of the bath. Next day the pain in my back was almost unbearable despite the Fentanyl patch. It took 4 oxycodone a day for 4 days to control the pain and then it just stopped. I told Dr T and he wants me to have an MRI sometime soon.

Just as I was starting to feel better it was time for the second infusion. Two days later the pain came in my sternum and ribs. Fortunately it only lasted one day and responded well to oxycodone. So, I plan to continue to endure this treatment for the time being in the hope that things will improve.

5 thoughts on “Radioactive again

  1. I’m right where you are in terms of questioning what treatment I should have. Now most of my drugs are for the side effects of my treatment. It sounds like this choice was pretty good for you.

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    1. Yes Jim, I think you may be correct about my treatment. Today is day 6 following the infusion and I am feeling so much better than yesterday. It seems the way to handle the side effects is just get through the first week and make the most of the rest. I hope you are feeling ok and finding some joy in living. I know it is not easy.


      1. I’m doing pretty good. Now it seems I get hit by side effects a little too often for me, what you gonna do. The less I see of these docs, the better off I am. Lisa and are doing a lot of things together. At home it’s mostly tv and meals. When she goes out, she’s always happy to report back what she did and who she saw.

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        1. Same here Jim. At least I can get out for an hour or so some days. Otherwise it’s tapestry, tv and meals for me too. I encourage Stefanie to go out with her friends . She too is happy to report back and it gives her a real morale boost.

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