Got the news last Wednesday…psa is up to 16.7 from 10.2 a month ago. I saw my oncologist today and he said he is disappointed. Me too, I said. It seems likely that the Zytiga is no longer working. We will persist for another month and if still rising I will have some scans and possibly back to the radiation oncologist. I am still recovering from kidney stones and it has not been the best couple of weeks. I also had my 3 monthly Zoladex injection. The nurse said she hates doing Zoladex injections. It is a huge needle that injects a pellet into my abdomen. What about me, I said!

I am still trying to figure out how I feel about it all. Chemo was mentioned and dismissed. Dr Yun also mentioned a radiation treatment involving infusion of radioactive material into the blood stream (Xofigo?) I did some research and it seems BC Cancer Agency is planning a trial next year and I may qualify. Preliminary tests have shown great promise. A radioactive isotope targets cancer cells and destroys them while leaving healthy cells alone. There is still some hope. Google “Lutetium PSMA” for more information.

Next week I will have another bone scan. At least it will give us a picture of where the bone metastases are.

There are things I would still like to see and do. I need to prioritize because there is no way I can do them all. Most important at this time is to finish 3 tapestries, maybe 4 or 5 if time permits. Physical activity tires me quickly but needlework calms and distracts me.

I need to downsize as well. I plan to edit my many hours of video into something watchable. I want to post some of my life on YouTube, maybe someone will enjoy it. A video review of my life for my funeral is another project. I am fortunate that I have time to prepare. I am not afraid to die. What concerns me is that I will miss out on seeing some exciting things, such as great grandkids. Sometimes I feel as though it is up to me to make people feel ok when the subject of cancer comes up. I am still me and I will be til the end. Having cancer sorts out the real friends and I am blessed that I have Stefanie, family and friends who will stand by me. I thank God for such people.

6 thoughts on “PSA RISING AGAIN

  1. You are an inspiration. Remaining (seemingly) calm and positive despite all the speed bumps. The radioactive infusion sounds interesting. There are so many potential breakthroughs it is hard to keep up with them all. It is great to hear that you have some good people around you. Cheers, Phil

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  2. Sorry to hear about the bump up. It’s still in a pretty good range.

    The next drug you’re talking about I think is called xifigo in the USA. If that is the case it has a pretty good record as I understand it. I expect to go on it when I start to get bone pain. I’ve been very lucky so far not to have any.

    That pill injection sounds very uncomfortable. Hang in there.

    Your tapestry plans sound intriguing. What others might you do? You’re clearly very talented.

    It is odd how people treat you when you have cancer, especially advanced cancer. I’ve been blessed with an outpouring of support, but it’s hard for people to get comfortable really relating to me. As you say, that’s too bad, it’s still just me.

    Looking forward to your next update.

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    1. Yes Jim, certainly not the result I was hoping for. I think you may be correct about xofigo being my next course of treatment. BC Cancer Agency is planning a Lutetium 177 trial with 150 participants early 2019. I will talk to my oncologist about it next time I see him. The tapestries depict significant things for my loved ones. My daughter remembers living on Shiralee. Stefanie had the Waratah as a symbol of her nursing training. She also lived in a suburb called Waratah. My son built his first boat at 18. Not so much talented as driven and stubborn!

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