Crosstitch Progress

I find that doing  crosstitch is a wonderful way to relax and take my mind off myself. The works that I am doing are destined to remind people that I lived a good life and that I cared about them. The Shiralee tapestry is yet to be framed and will go to my daughter.

2018-09-24 13.08.31

The second project is for Stefanie. It is her favourite Australian wildflower, the Waratah. Both are around 10″ x 13″ in size. Following the  Waratah I plan to do a boat that my son built, a 36 ft Van de Stadt sloop.

2018-10-07 20.32.39

Thank  you to all of my blog friends for your support and encouragement. You do not know how much you mean to me.


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