PSA Rising⁉

There is no easy way to say it…after 8 months on Zytiga my psa has stopped falling at 9.2 and has now risen to 10.2 in 5 weeks. Does this mean Zytiga has failed? I don’t know to be honest and I must admit it scares me to think what might come next. I have been feeling pain in my ribs and discomfort in my sternum lately despite the Fentanyl. I take Tylenol occasionally when needed, otherwise I still feel well. I am still gaining weight, now 87 kgs. A little more than ideal. I walked nearly a kilometre today with my trusty rollator. I saw Dr Ho this morning and he said that it is possible the psa will continue to fluctuate around the current level and it does not necessarily mean that the treatment has failed. I hope he is right. If the next psa rises significantly I will probably have another bone scan. Chemotherapy doesn’t appeal to me, however I have read that some people have had good results without too many bad side effects, so never say never. Each month when I go for a checkup I see the people receiving chemotherapy sitting in their armchairs and I wonder what it must be like for them. I am reminded that I am not the only victim of cancer and that really I have had it pretty good compared to some people. I have survived 10 years from diagnosis and I have lived more than 70 years. I don’t have to worry about losing my marbles in later life. My next psa is in 3 weeks. Can’t wait to see the score!

6 thoughts on “PSA Rising⁉

  1. Hi Les, fingers and everything else crossed for a better PSA result next time. I was determined not to go down the chemo path, but changed my mind when I learned about it. No regrets yet. Hopefully you do not need to worry about it for a while. Cheers, Phil

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    1. Thanks Phil for your kind words. Like you I am having second thoughts about chemo. My main concern is that if it makes me sick, what is the point? However, if it extends a good quality of life why not give it a go! It remains to be seen. Hope you are doing well.All the best, Les

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  2. I’m not sure that hitting “like” was the best feeling. PSA numbers are funny things and having been on the roller coaster myself I know the feeling if they blip up.
    I love your positivity Les and as the song says, ” The party ain’t over yet!”
    Best wishes, Dookes.

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  3. So sorry to hear this, but, as your oncologist said, this isn’t definitive proof of anything. Another possibility if it has failed is to try Xtandi. In general there’s no improvement following Zytiga with Xtandi, but that’s in general, not always. Another thing to check out is xifigo. It reduces bone pain and extends median survival time by about three months. As a reminder, I’m not an MD so take my advice with a grain of salt. Waiting for your next PSA test result. BTW how’s the cross stitch coming along?

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    1. Thanks Jim, I read that taking Zytiga with food increases it’s power. I take it without food. I plan to ask my oncologist about it next visit. Cross stitch, see next blog entry! Best wishes my friend, Les


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