Tapestry Blues

This past week has not been one of the greatest. First was the discovery, after 14000 stitches that I had commenced my tapestry at the wrong end. In other words, at least 4 inches below where I should have commenced it if I had bothered to check how much was rolled up on the top dowel. This meant I would run out of canvas as I reached the deck of the boat. Not Happy!!


This is the original photo. I designed and built this boat in the early 70s. “Shiralee” was 30 ft long and displaced 7 tons. She was very easy to sail with her junk sails and long keel.

Anyway, as I near the end of my life (let’s be realistic) I decided I wanted to leave something of myself for anyone that might be interested. This was an achievement I was proud of, so the idea of making a tapestry was born.


And this is how far I got before discovering my error. 14,000 stitches!

I tried to fix it by cutting off the top of the canvas and sewing it on the bottom but it was never going to work. Besides, there were a few things I was not totally happy about…so I decided to start again, however I made some adjustment to size and colour first. The new one will have 29000 stitches as against 34000 previously.


A perfect tapestry, no mistakes. Definitely starting at the right end!

Checked 3 times!!


One week later, well on track. I try to complete at least 200 stitches per day. This week I have completed over 2000 so quite pleased with myself.

Now for the worst news of the week. I finally obtained my medical records from my hospital stay in January. Scans show that my cancer has metastasised further to my ribs and sternum and also further into my femur.

My psa continues to fall. I had a blood test today, results soon but I am expecting somewhere in the 40-50 range. It seems to halve every month. Naturally my beautiful wife is upset as are my close relatives, but what can you do? Life goes on. I feel well apart from some occasional mild discomfort in one rib. I am active and enjoying life. I made it to 71 and expect to see 72, so I have very little to complain about.

6 thoughts on “Tapestry Blues

  1. Hello my friend.
    I wasn’t sure if “like ” was the best way of responding, what with your news…but I’m mighty impressed with your boat, please post some more about her and your tapestry is pretty cool too! Thats exactly the sort of hiccup thing I would have done, I’m glad that you were able to sort and get back on track!
    Hang in there fella, sending you positive vibes from Cornwall UK.

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    1. Thank you Dookes,
      It was the right thing to start over. I have an idea for the first one, so all is not lost. I have photos from building Shiralee. Might make an interesting blog entry. Thanks for the good vibes! All are welcome.

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  2. The boat is very impressive. What an accomplishment! I think it’s a great idea to make a tapestry as a keepsake.

    Did I read your beautiful wife? Did you marry S? I wasn’t aware of that. What great news.

    There are two treatments you may want to discuss with your oncologist. The first, Provenge, is an autoimmune treatment. The take some of your blood, supercharge it, and put it back in you. Median increase in survival time is three months, very few side effects. The other, Xofigo, is indicated when you’re suffering from bone pain. It’s a radioactive chemical that prostate cancer loves to eat. The radiation then kills it. Reduces bone pain, very few side effects and median increase in survival is also three months. Hope this info helps.

    Still waiting on a shot or two from your Alaska trip…

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  3. Hi Les. Nice work on the tapestry. Looking good. The scans in January were when you were having a very bad time, so probably not surprising. Hopefully, the massive improvements since then will mean more smooth sailing to come. Best wishes. Cheers, Phil

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