The Lake House, A review.

Years ago I saw a movie “The Lake House”. I think it was Sandra Bullock, about a couple who communicated across time. It was far fetched but enjoyable. When I discovered a book of the same name hiding in one of S’s cupboards, I thought it was the same story. But I was wrong……..

“The Lake House” by Australian Author Kate Morton turned out to be much more believable. The Mystery story set in Cornwall was so well described that both S and I felt as though we were there as we read it to each other. The mystery so compelling that we could not put it down until our eyes would no longer stay open or our tummies rumbled so much we had to stop and eat. Neither of us guessed the truth.

This is a realistic detective story, so many twists and turns and unexpected outcomes that it will keep you guessing until the end. And even then there are more surprises in store that leave you feeling satisfied that all turns out as it should in the end. The plot centres on a well to do family in 1933. 70 years later a detective on forced leave finds an old abandoned house and is compelled to investigate. She learns that a baby boy disappeared from the house without trace. There are many suspects but few answers. The story will take you through two World Wars, PTSD, murder, romance and tragic circumstances before you discover the surprising truth. It is a story well told without descending to sex scenes, foul language or even violence, yet all of these and more are implied.

I thoroughly recommend this one. One of the best novels of its genre that I have ever read.

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