Pain in the Nose!

I guess it has been a while! Life goes on down under in Australia. S and I have been filling in time waiting for my appointment with the Medical Oncologist and the next step, possibly chemotherapy. Meanwhile my sinusitis issues have continued, slowly getting worse until my GP arranged a CT Scan. It turns out I have an allergic fungal sinus infection and the only real cure, apparently is endoscopic surgical removal of all the “gunk”, removal of some pretty large polyps and reduction of my turbinates.

I could have waited several months and had the procedure under our very good public health system, however as I look like being on chemo soon, I prefered to get it done and regain my strength. The sinus infection has left me close to exhaustion at times, and feeling very ill at others. I even threw up in a coffee shop a few weeks ago. Private hospital treatment does not come cheap though, but what can you do? Be grateful for what you have! Anyway, last week I had the procedure. It is supposed to be minimally invasive and only required a day and a night in hospital. Around $10,000! Ouch!! Health comes first. After the procedure my face feels like I have been kicked by a horse! I am on a strict regime of nasal rinses otherwise it can come back. I had sinus surgery in 1998, it was no fun, they used a hammer and chisel to punch holes into the sinuses. Apparently things have improved since then.

It is now just over a week since my surgery. It went well and I am just now beginning to recover my sense of smell. The nasal rinses continue producing gunk. I sneeze in technicolour, however I am breathing and sleeping much more easily. My voice has changed somewhat, however I am slowly getting stronger and more able to do things. I will see the oncologist in a little under 3 weeks.

Why am I telling you all this, my friends? Maybe I am just sharing that even though one has cancer, we may also be afflicted with other things that for a time take precedence. I need to be well to begin chemo. I am not sure I even want chemo. We will see. One of the problems is that if I refuse one kind of treatment I may not be offered an alternative. Recently I read of a new treatment, “Lutetium” that seems to hold promise in trials so far.

I truly value your thoughts, prayers and comments. I value too the fact that I have readers in so many different countries. I don’t hear from you, but I see that you visit. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Pain in the Nose!

  1. Good that you addressing your sinus problems sooner rather than later. No telling what else could have happened had you not.

    Regarding the chemo. I’ve decided to not get chemo. A few months ago I faced the same quandary you do now. The next treatment required chemo. Only because the insurance companies wouldn’t pay for the drugs, xtand or zytiga, until you’d been on chemo. The US Federal Drug Administration hadn’t approved the drugs for use before chemo. Fortunately, there were clinical trials wrapping up on both drugs that showed they were more effective if given earlier, including before chemo, so the FDA approved them just a few months back. I’m on xtandi now.

    Something my oncologist suggested before they were approved for early use that you might want to discuss with yours. He said I could go on one cycle of chemo. Then quit and move to the drugs. Not ideal by any means, but better than a full blown chemo regimen. This way you meet the letter, but get out of having a long chemo experience.

    Sorry I can’t comment on the drug you mentioned. Never heard of it. Who knows, it might be xtandi or zytiga renamed. Xtandi took my PSA from the 150s down to the mid teens and it’s holding it there several months running now. Headaches and mild nausea have been the only side effects.

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    1. Thank you for your advice, I suspect it may be the same in Australia. My oncologist said something about a couple of sessions. Reading between the lines, I think he may just do enough chemo to enable me to move on to zytiga. I am hoping he can give me a good supply so we can go back to Canada. These arbitrary rules certainly make me wonder who is really in charge of treatment. Of course, I can always opt out and take my chances! I must say I am disillusioned with the whole process. Take care my friend!


  2. I know a guy that had sinus surgery some time ago. Looked like he had been in the ring with Mike Tyson! good luck with the recovery. Chemo is so controversial and it must be difficult to decide. My oncologist suggested either chemo or hormone therapy. Easy decision. I hope you find the right answer for you. Cheers, Phil

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