Ain’t Love Grand!

9 days ago, I rose early and drove to Sydney Airport. My beloved S arrived at 6:00am after a long flight from Vancouver via Dallas Tx. I was well prepared for her arrival, wearing my best outfit with shirt, tie and jacket. I was holding a beautiful red rose in my hand, and wore my black akubra hat so she could find me easily. I sure stood out from the crowd!! As if that was not enough, my huge Cheshire Cat like grin shone like a beacon….

After watching hundreds of strangers in all kinds of attire and with all kinds of expressions on their faces, at last I spotted her beautiful smile beaming at me from the crowd! What a reunion after a long 6 weeks apart. Together again!! Did I hear someone say “please, get a room”? Well, maybe not. It was just so good to see her!

The last week has been so good, but so busy. It is only now after 9 days that we are beginning to settle into a routine of sorts. We are staying in my sister’s house while she and her husband are overseas. (An Australian term, because everywhere that is not Australia is “overseas”).

On the other hand, today I had more blood tests in preparation for my Oncology visit later this week. My psa last week was 160, a record high for me but still up only 50 from mid April. I don’t usually have psa tests so close together. I had some extra tests as well, so we threw in another psa. On the plus side, I have been feeling reasonably well apart from a very persistent blocked nose. CT scan of the sinuses is planned for tomorrow. I don’t care what they do as long as they fix it. The ability to breathe through our noses is highly under-appreciated by most of us. I am also using a walking stick to aid in stability and reduce the load on my hip. I will be having physiotherapy following painful muscle spasms in my leg. My GP has started me on Norspan patches to help control pain. They are very effective.

I am so grateful that S is with me. I know it is not an easy time for her, and she suffers as much as I do. We are hoping the oncologist will have a strategy that will work and we will be able to return to Canada soon. Meanwhile I am taking Gumby Gumby, a traditional Australian Aboriginal medication, daily. I believe it has resulted in a slowing of the rate of psa increase.

That’s about all for now. It is still a waiting game, enjoying life and planning some good times ahead still a priority! After all, life is precious and Love is Grand!!



6 thoughts on “Ain’t Love Grand!

  1. Glad to hear that you’re back together! It’s so hard to be away from the one you love. Hang in there regarding the PSA. I was around 150 a few months back. My oncologist started me on xtandi and I’m now under 15. The only side effects for me are occasional headaches and hot flashes. Very easily tolerated. I’m sure your doc will come thru for you. Be sure to ask about Keytruda. You need to get something similar to a genetic test to see if you are a candidate. If you are and it works the results have been amazing. I’m probably going to get tested fairly soon.

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