The Enemy Exposed

Every picture tells a story, and what a story this one tells. Compare it to the one I published some time back! The metastasis has multiplied and grown despite my optimism. Many people have expressed their concern for me and I do appreciate your words of support. Some say they are sad. I don’t want you to be sad for me. I only publish this rather personal picture of me to show you how technology can find exactly where the enemy is. If we can see it maybe we can do something about it. I am assured that while there is no cure as yet, there are treatments that can slow it down and improve my quality of life……

Speaking of quality of life, I do experience pain in my lower back and hip, but it is manageable. I am concerned about falling and /or fracturing my hip. However I have to say my quality of life has never been better! I am happier than I have ever been to be honest! Now that S is back in my life! She will join me in Australia in 2 weeks and we will never be separated again! We have both realised that we are each other’s first and last true love! That is a wonderful thing to discover at the age of 70! I consider myself to be so lucky, believe it or not!

Having cancer has liberated me to do things I might otherwise have put off until it is too late, so please don’t feel sad for me, be happy that I have found my soul mate and that we are living!!

My oncologist will discuss treatment options later this month. Meanwhile S and I will do some sightseeing and visiting friends and family. Doing things we may never have gotten around to doing!

Life is for living, and that is what we are doing!

Cancer is not my enemy…..I am cancer’s enemy!!

8 thoughts on “The Enemy Exposed

  1. Now you know. Knowledge is power. You and the oncologist can develop a plan and take it on full force. One of the best things going for you is your attitude. You are so blessed to have met S. It’s obvious she gives you tremendous strength. It’s also great that you’re going to branch out and do new things. My wife and I started cruising extensively after I was diagnosed. We’ve been to about 30 countries and every continent except Australia. I also returned to a long lost passion, photography. I’m anxious to learn what new things you do or see.

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    1. Thank you my friend, your support as a fellow sufferer means so much to me. We have not, will not allow this thing to stop us from living. It does not dominate our lives, we do. We plan to do an Alaska cruise from Vancouver when we get home to Canada. You really should plan to visit Australia, Sydney is a great place to start and finish. Yes, I live for S! It’s true, before we got together I had almost given up! Best wishes to you and your wife Jim, I hope you get to have many more wonderful adventures together!


      1. Our first cruise was to Alaska! If you go around August, as I recall, the salmon are running. We got off in Ketchikan for a half day trip to Anan creek and bear watching. It was the highlight of the trip. The number of people allowed there at one time is strictly limited, so it’s not offered by the cruise line. You have to make arrangements with a local outfitter. They’re easy to find on the internet. It was the highlight of our trip!


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