Misnamed Blog??

Today I am preparing for my nuclear pet scan, psma scan also known as a Gallium scan. It involves being injected with a short acting radioactive substance that will show up any tumours very clearly. Last Friday I visited my GP for the earlier bone scan and CT scan results. The news was not good….

He told me I have significant lesions consistent with metastatic prostate cancer, now showing in my left pelvis, left humerus neck, L4 vertebra and my pubic bone. The psma scan will provide a clearer picture.

I have occasional mild pain in my left hip and lower back, but otherwise I feel great. S will be joining me in Australia in a few weeks, I really miss her even though I am seeing many long lost relatives. S and I will have a great time travelling and visiting friends and family, making the most of life!

My psa was 110 at last count. I will have another test in 3 weeks, hoping for a further decrease from an estimated max of 140. Will it ever reach zero? It doesn’t really matter, it is just a concept, and I will retain the name.

Well, my friends and supporters, the time has come to head off to the hospital. We have such a wonderful health care system in Australia, and I am so grateful for that.

I am hoping they will give me the disk as they did last time, I can have a good look and compare to my last results. My oncologist will see us on the 27th to discuss treatment options. There is still hope!! I cling to that!!

More to report later….

15 thoughts on “Misnamed Blog??

      1. They will, for sure!! 😉

        Anyway, if it’s not getting in your way, I have tagged you to do Gracie’s blog project. It talks about your passion and what your passion can do to change the world. I personally find you inspirational that’s why I thought to tag you in this. But please don’t be pressured to do so, it’s all fine with me! Here’s the link:

        Take care always!

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  1. You do have options left! When I went on a second generation ADT drug, Xtandi, there was a huge drop in my PSA. Radiation therapy has improved with introduction on stereotactic radiation. Sounds as if they’re very thoroughly mapping out exactly where you have problems. That should be very reassuring. I hate it that you have to go thru this, but it sounds like you have a good team.

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    1. You are right of course, it is easy to lose sight of the positives at times. It was still a shock, but as always, onwards and upwards! And I don’t mean psa numbers! I do have a good team. Stereotactic radiation sounds interesting, I will certainly ask my oncologist about it.


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