What Now.

On Friday I visited my oncologist, Dr W.  He was very supportive and pleased to see me back in Australia.  I am having a bone scan and a CT scan next week. Dr W  has commenced the process for me to have a psma scan. I feel positive about this scan as it will detect tiny tumours if any, and I can compare it with the one I had in 2016. If it is clear, great! If not, at least we will know where it is and have some idea of how best to treat it.

Dr W  will see me again at the end of June. Next psa around 20 June. It appears he sees no great urgency at this stage. There are 3 treatment  options, radiation, hormone therapy or chemotherapy.  There have been improvements in hormone therapy and that sounds like a good option to me. Dr W said he can arrange for me to take sufficient medication with me to Canada. Chemo would require me to stay in Australia and to me is not a good option anyway.

Meanwhile I am catching up with friends and family.  I feel well and life is good. I miss S and she misses me. All of this is so new to her and it is hard to take sometimes. We try to stay positive, but of course there are moments when tears flow.

I thank everyone who reads this for their support, spoken or unspoken.

2 thoughts on “What Now.

  1. Sounds like a very good meeting. I agree with you that chemo isn’t an attractive option. If it looks as if radiation is the best bet, be sure to ask about stereotactic radiation. It’s a more accurate way of delivering X-rays. I had regular through the spine irradiation for three spots on my spine. The X-rays also went through my stomach and intestines. I had horrific nausea. I’ve been told that stereotactic radiation would probably have avoided that.

    So glad to hear you still have a support network in Australia. Going through this hard – scary, anxiety producing and depressing. You seem to be doing quite well.

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    1. Thank you, I will ask about stereotypical radiation. My brother had a full course to the prostate bed four years post surgery. Now he has had a section of bowel removed, lots of pain and psa still rising but very low, 1.1. He has never had adt. Crazy!
      You are part of my support network too, I appreciate your comments.

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