Today I am feeling so much better. I had a bout of Bursitis in my hip yesterday and could hardly walk. Naturally my mind tells me it is a tumour growing and causing pain. Today the pain is gone. It was not the cancer. The somewhat revealing photo shows the tumour that was treated last year. I still feel pain in that area, mainly at night when the Tigers come with their voices soft as thunder….

S and I had a good day today, we had lunch out and did some shopping. I received a lovely thank you card from the place where I volunteer, along with a pewter pin commemorating Canada’s 150 Anniversary.

Only a short time left for me in Canada. S will join me in a few weeks. I have arranged to see my Oncologist in Newcastle NSW so things are on track. We are sad at being parted for a short time. However we are looking forward to some adventures in Australia together. We both feel positive that this is the right way to go. Thanks to everyone for your support. God bless us all!

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