Facing Fears

You will probably think that this post is about death, dying or cancer treatment. It’s not. Today I faced a room full of Grade 10 High School students. “Big deal”, I hear you say! Well for  me it was a big deal. I am 70 and I have never done anything quite like this in my life. There were at least 36 kids in the room. I had to present information about volunteering for around an hour……..

Then I had to do it twice more! Part of me wanted to back out, but a bigger part of me wanted to bite the bullet, get in there and nail it. After all I had volunteered for this assignment.

Maybe I didn’t exactly nail it the way I hoped, but I did get the messages across. The kids were well behaved and respectful. I stuffed up some minor points, but they didn’t know that. They didn’t know that I had no experience. You know what? I actually enjoyed myself.

I am an Australian living in Canada. I started by writing “G’day mate, howyagoing?” on the board. I heard a few “g’day mate”s in the background. I turned to the class and said “g’day class”. Silence. With a little prompting they responded. I taught them a typical Aussie greeting and they enjoyed it. I then asked for a volunteer to clean the board.

It was a good intro. The kids were interested and paid attention. The hour went by in a blur and the kids clapped appreciatively at the end.

My lesson? Challenge yourself, prepare your strategy, face your fears head on and do your best. You will be glad you did. After all, isn’t that how we tackle our journeys through life?

Would I do it again? You know, I just might!

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