The Dressmaker Book & Movie

Written by Rosalie Ham and adapted for the silver screen. I first saw the movie at the cinema and thought it was wonderful. The audience clapped at the end, which is rather rare these days. I thoroughly enjoyed it and later bought the dvd. The characters are well defined and very entertaining. A good mix of tragedy and triumph. The plot is believable and keeps you guessing until near the end and the ending is just brilliant…

Naturally, I thought the book would be just as good, if not better. Unfortunately I was wrong. I found the book to have too many characters and the plot was nothing like the movie. I don’t know if the author was involved in the movie production or whether or not she was happy with the changes. Overall, I am sorry to say I found the book rather boring. Maybe if I had read the book first, I would have a different opinion about the movie.

I guess I will never know.

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