A Thought…

The lake is usually clear blue water, but after a storm it quickly turns muddy brown…

I have been thinking, as I sometimes do, about other possibilities. My psa has risen sharply, perhaps too quickly to be significant. Perhaps the black salve has stirred up the cancer cells and in dying they are releasing additional psa into my bloodstream.

I am nothing if not optimistic and I will hold to this theory until my next blood test in March. I have seen photos of what black salve does to other types of cancer. It takes time for it to work but it is extremely effective. I am still getting little zit-like things on my back and arms that seem to indicate something is happening. My body seems to be eliminating something through my skin. S and I still prefer to believe that it is dead cancer cells, slowly finding their way to the surface.

Thank you to my readers for your prayers and good wishes, I do appreciate every one.

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