A Road Less Travelled

Life is a journey and sometimes we must take a less travelled road. The experts told me that my next option would be chemotherapy. Well, I have read a bit about that and it does not look to be a pleasant road to take. For some time now I have been considering an alternative. When I asked my oncologist about it, he just laughed. Nothing else.

There is a herbal salve, called “black salve”. Sometimes referred to as “Cansema”. It has a long and interesting, very controversial history. I will not go into details, suffice to say I am very impressed by results I have seen on Youtube, in books and videos. I decided to try it for myself.

In order for the salve to attack prostate cancer cells it needs to be taken internally. I obtained some salve via ebay. The protocol is to take a small amount, around 0.2cc daily with food for 10 days. None for 10 days. Take for 10 days etc. for 30 doses. 50 days.

The first day, I loaded 10 gel capsules and took one with food. No ill effects. In fact no effects at all. The next day I had 9 black globs in the jar. The gel capsules had dissolved. I took one with bread, it tasted awful. I did notice some looseness of the bowels but that was all.

Around the 8th day I began to have a strong metallic taste in my mouth. I bought some new gel capsules and from then on just loaded one each day before taking it. After I stopped, the metallic taste disappeared. I felt fine, actually quite well. The second lot of 10 produced the same results. Slight looseness the second day and metallic taste by day 8. I could also feel something happening in the area of my hip where I had been radiated earlier, though this could be just an overactive imagination. Similarly with the 3rd round. No real side effects.

I took the last capsule on November 25 2016. The metallic taste went, as before. By the end of November I began to feel tiny little dry, scab like things on my back and my upper arms. Like little pimply dots all over my back. They were not itchy. Over the next few weeks more and more appeared. There were hundreds. They were easy to pick off though I tried not to.

I can only think of two possible explanations.

1: It is the black salve being excreted through my skin. If so, why only on my back and upper arms?

2: It is prostate cancer cells that have died and are being drawn out through the skin nearest to where they had settled. This is what my partner and I believe has happened. It is now December 27 and there are still some “pimples”remaining, but most have gone.

I read a very interesting story of a woman who had breast cancer and used the salve topically on her breast. Not only did the tumour come out through her skin, there were also many smaller ones as well. There are several stories on the web. Just Google “Black Salve”, you will find them.

I had a blood test for psa on December 23. I should get the result by January 5 after the holidays. My last psa was 3.4. So, here’s hoping…psa to zero!!

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