Rehabilitation Part 2

Of course, some things can never be fixed, and sometimes it pays to just let them be. They saved the front half of this ship, but the rest still lies on Stockton Beach rusting away. These photos are all mine, by the way. In my new relationship I found a reason to make things better than they are if at all possible. Any salvage operation requires a lot of pulling and pushing, often combined with desperate measures, and sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Simply stated, my sex life was wrecked. Nothing felt the same and nothing worked like it should. Even my testicles have shrunk to half their former size. After some searching I found a source of Tri-Mix for injection in Vancouver. After injecting it into my penis, with some trepidation I might add, it rose to the occasion. But it was bent in the middle, like the ship in the photo, except up, not down.

Like the ship, it wasn’t much use to anyone. My partner and I were both so disappointed with it. However we had some good laughs about it. There was nothing else we could do. It was a joke!

I thank God for my partner’s sense of humour. We would lie in bed making up scenarios to describe our mutual quest for sexual satisfaction. We compared it to the frustration of Columbus, seeking the new world, so “Willy” was nick-named “Columbus”. I told her of Billy Connelly’s story describing the word “scrotum” as sounding rather gruesome, while “vagina” sounded more like a nice holiday destination. “And it IS!” he said. At least we can laugh together!!

5 thoughts on “Rehabilitation Part 2

  1. You are a brave soldier, and brave soldiers don’t give up until martyrdom is achieved either for themselves or their weapons; take good care of “Columbus” who in turn will ensure you have a good time in your ‘nice holiday destination’ – way to go!

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