A New World

I arrived in Canada after a 17 hour flight via LAX. S was there to greet me at Vancouver International YVR. It felt so strange, I went to get in the driver’s side of the car, thinking it was the passenger seat. The feeling of being driven on the ‘wrong’ side of the road was strange. Turning right against the lights. The sun was in the South and the coast was to the West. I could not get my bearings and my sense of direction was all askew.

S drove me home to her apartment. It was time to really start to get to know one another. After the trauma of leaving, spending 5 days in Sydney getting my passport and flying to Canada, I was exhausted, so I crashed for several hours. By the way, I learned that she never received the letter I had sent her when I was 18. She said her mother always opened her mail and that she had probably destroyed it.  Suffice to say that we were both damaged by our pasts and have survived. We believe that our re-union was meant to be. It will provide further healing for both of us I am sure.

We had much to learn about ourselves and each other and we determined that somehow, we would make this relationship work for both of us.

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