Artificially Erect

Time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much… But alas, time has done nothing to improve my sex life. We men don’t say much about such things, but believe me, our sex life is very important. On the other hand our love life is also very important to us. You would think they are one and the same, but they are not.  Because she was no longer able to see the visible results of my arousal, my wife (now my ex-wife) began to feel that I was not attracted to her and so began a process of closing down sexually.

Prior to that I tried some ways to get the “thing” up and working. I had learned that I could still orgasm even though there was no erection. Frankly, it was hard work and barely worth the trouble. She only wanted ‘normal’ sex, so I had to find a way to get hard. First I tried Viagra. It was very expensive at that time so my GP gave me some free samples. Nothing. Did not make the slightest difference. Next I tried Cialis. Same result.

The next option was to try a vacuum pump. The only place to get one was a sex shop. I had never been into such a place before. The proprietor was a young woman, I thought ‘how embarrassing’. However she was very professional and sold me the device. It took a while before I got around to trying it. You can read about them on the internet. Not very romantic at all.

So, the pump was disappointing, embarrassing to use and didn’t work so well. The next option was injections. “WHAT!!” Stick a needle in my dick? First I tried Caverject. They come in pre-loaded syringes that take ages to set up. A real mood killer. Then you inject and like magic, up she rises!….Very hard, and bent like a banana, downwards. Most uncomfortable trying to have intercourse and afterwards it took 5 hours to go down again. The instructions said if it doesn’t go down after 4 hours, go straight to Emergency. No way I was going anywhere with that thing. They cost a small fortune. I tried a few times but no joy.

Then I found a chemist who could mix up a solution called Tri-Mix. You inject it the same way but using diabetic syringes. For $90.00 you could buy enough to have 10-12 or more nookies. It was a lot quicker and easier to set up and inject and gave a nice erection, this time bent upwards, so a lot more comfortable. Still stayed up for 4-5 hours. That sounds good doesn’t it? Problem is after a while it just aches and keeps you awake. But still, she was not satisfied and neither was I. It was just plain hard work, without the usual responses. After a while we just did not bother.

Then the hormones set in. They take away all interest in sex. I mean ALL! No longer did I find pleasure in looking at pretty girls, not even at the beach. I couldn’t be bothered with trying to achieve orgasm, so just gave up. For the next 3 years, nothing. In time, I became a eunuch.

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