Decision Time

It took me a year to decide which way to go. I had almost opted for radiotherapy. 36 treatments over 7 weeks, blasting my prostate with radiation in the hopes of killing whatever cancer cells were in there. My prostate would not survive, it would be fried to a crisp. But, what if cancer cells had already escaped from the prostate? I was not convinced that the biopsy had not allowed such a thing. I am still unconvinced.

In the end I opted for surgical removal of the prostate. At least they could examine it and tell me exactly what was happening. So I thought. The surgery went well, according to the surgeon. Only problem was there were two positive margins. This is not positive news. It meant there was cancer outside my prostate that they did not get. There was also cancer in one of my vesicles, the sacs that contain semen. So they removed those too. As for the erectile nerves…..too bad.

I woke 4 hours later in great pain. A tube was hanging out of my penis with a bag on the other end. Leave your dignity at home if you go in for this surgery. I had to use the bag for 10 days to allow things to heal. At least I did not have to get up to pee. Actually, I came to like that bag…On the other hand I felt a strong urge to take a dump. A nurse helped me out of bed and to the toilet where I fainted. Another nurse came and they helped me up and sat me on the bowl. I don’t know if you have ever tried to do your business with two women watching you. Nothing happened. They said that was normal. I didn’t shit for over a week. As I said, leave your dignity at home. All the same, all credit is due the nurses, they were wonderful, caring people.

My next PSA was undetectable. was it the surgery? Or was it the Zoladex?


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